Silicone diaphragms, washers and valves
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Silicone product range

Diaphragms, Washers and Valves

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A8White Diaphragm fits pulse & reverse relays £1.85
A81White Servac Regulator Diaphragm 130mm dia (Fullwood equiv 45208) £5.16
A9White Master Relay Gasket (Fullwood equiv 43382) £1.04
A10White Pulsation Washer (Fullwood equiv 42237) £0.76
A11Clear Pulsation Diaphragm (Fullwood equiv 43414) £3.76
A12White Pulsation Washer (Alfa equiv 965827-01) £1.67
A14Milk Pump Non-Return Valve (Alfa equiv 99007089-80) £3.10
A15Milk Pump Non-Return Valve (Fullwood equiv 323520) £2.23
A16Clear Pulsation Diaphragm (Alfa equiv 95868901) £5.29
A17Transfer Diaphragm without hole (Fullwood equiv 323520) £4.28
A17ATransfer Diaphragm with hole (Fullwood equiv 32337) £4.28