Silclear silicone product range
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Trusted by the most demanding silicone users across the globe

Silclear silicone product range

Silicone products

At Silclear we have developed a range of high performing silicone products. Silicone is revolutionising Industries around the world and at Silclear we are spearheading this change for the better.

If you would like to trial any of our products or are interested in learning more, you can Contact Us or call us on +44 (0)1425 610700.

The benefits

  • 4 x longer lasting than rubber
  • Meets EC Hygiene standards
  • Bespoke facility available
  • Trusted across the globe

We also offer a fully bespoke service

Our knowledge and expertise in the world of silicone products, combined with our technical facility in the UK, means that we can happily work with you to design and develop any form of silicone product you require. Tailored exactly to your specifications we can then manufacture and supply your bespoke silicone solution to suit you. Find out more about our Silicone Solutions.

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