Silicone for medical Use
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Medical Use

Medical Use

At Silclear we manufacture a range of high performance silicone tubing and silicone peristaltic tubing for numerous medical applications. We are able to comply with customer's clean-room requirements as well as heat sealed packaging and specific Certificates of Conformances.

We manufacture vascular ties, chest drains, stoppers and tracheal stents, as well as special one offs designed and made to customer requests. We have; extrusion, compression moulding, injection moulding and fabrication facilities and we are ISO9001:2000 registered.

Our silicone products are made to the highest standards and according to disciplined in-house processing procedures. Renowned for its unique hygienic properties silicone plays a crucial role in modern medicine and we are proud that our silicone products conform to the latest relevant European Pharmaceutical Standard.

If you require silicone products or a silicone solution for medical use, then we will be happy to help. To discuss your requirements you can call us on +44 (0)1425 610700 or use our contact page on this website.

The benefits

  • Meets European Pharmacopea 7.1.9 Hygiene standards
  • Bespoke facility available
  • Trusted across the globe