Dairy Farming
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Trusted by the most demanding silicone users across the globe

Dairy Farming

Silclear is the dairy industry's best kept secret; quite literally changing the look and productivity of dairy parlours around the world. Silclear offers the largest choice of silicone tubing, liners and fittings for all types of milking systems, from conventional to rotary parlours and milking robots. Available in a wide range of colours from clear to red, blue or green. Silclear products are lighter, brighter, cleaner and better all-round for the cows, the industry and your back pocket.

Did you know?

  • Silclear silicone products will typically last up to 4 times longer than rubber alternatives
  • Silicone is used universally over rubber in the food production industry

The benefits of using Silclear silicone tubing, fittings, liners and clear shells are quite literally easy to see...

How Silclear Liners are different

  • They are transparent
  • They are lightweight
  • They are softer
  • They don't perish or erode
  • They have a unique massaging action

Why Silclear Liners are better

You can see through them. This gives dairy farmer's greater control in their milking parlours; allowing them to see, identify and treat any issues quickly.

  • Check cows are milking properly
  • Spot any clotting or blood in each of the four quarters
  • Accurately diagnose and treat any issues quickly

Silclear's unique patented drawing down system uses a pre-collapsed section which gently closes to massage the teat, rather than using an aggressive squeezing action. This combined with the lighter weight and softer texture means more comfortable cows. Also, our unique liners don't rely on tension they don't 'move' or 'creep' up the teat. This means:

  • Less teat and udder damage
  • Less mastitis, improved cell counts, more valuable milk
  • Less fidgeting in the parlour
  • More milk in the tank
  • Less time spent milking
  • Better working conditions for dairymen

Silicone is soft, supple and incredibly tough. All teat sizes can be accommodated comfortably and Silclear liners only have to be replaced after 10,000 milkings!

Silicone doesn't crack, perish or erode over time. If there is a problem it will tear, meaning it can be easily and quickly dealt with. A smooth material even under a microscope, silicone tubing and liners are easy to clean, resilient to the chemical cleaners used in dairies and do not degrade when exposed to UV light or extremes in temperature.

Favoured by vets and dairy inspectors as they make their work easier, all round Silclear silicone is the dairy industries best friend and best kept secret!

If you would like to find out how Silclear can revolutionise your dairy or to try sample products in your milking parlour, then contact us or give us a call on 01425 610700

The benefits

  • Reduced costs
  • Up to 4 x longer lasting than normal rubber
  • See every detail during milkings with clear liners
  • Improved teat condition
  • Lightweight but tough polycarbonate shells
  • Improved bactoscans