Silicone solutions
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Silicone solutions

As a precisely engineered material, silicone is unparalleled in terms of sourcing a hygienic and durable material which can be moulded or extruded into a wide variety of shapes and lengths.

At Silclear we are experienced in working with OEM's and engineers to develop silicone solutions for a wide range of applications, working in close collaboration with our customers to take products from initial concepts through to cost effective volume manufacture. Our extensive knowledge in this area, teamed with our investment in the latest technology, means that we can not only produce silicone products from existing specifications, but we can work with engineers to develop unique new parts designed for manufacture. Once the design has been finalised and trials successfully completed, we work with the customer to identify the most cost effective volume manufacturing method, we then procure and prove the tooling before embarking on full scale manufacturing.

First and foremost at Silclear we are engineers. We have a deep understanding of the science we specialise in and so we enjoy working with OEM's to create bespoke silicone solutions. Why not give us a call on +44 (0)1425 610700 to discuss your requirements and see if we can help.