Silicone quality
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Silicone quality

Silclear is accredited to ISO9001:2008

Quality - Not all silicones are the same...

Silclear only use high quality raw material - we blend and process special formulated food grade silicones optimised for maximum strength, tear resistance and optical clarity. Different formulations are used for different Silclear products to ensure that each product has the best possible material properties for the job. Careful control of all manufacturing parameters and good production practices ensure that all Silclear products are of the highest quality. Silclear is accredited to quality standard ISO 9001:2015 and conforms to, or exceeds, the requirements of all industry standards where relevant, such as;

  • FDA 177.2600
  • BfR XV Part A:Silicone
  • 3-A 18-03
  • RAL Knife & Fork Standard
  • 1935/2004 EC
  • EP 7.0 3.19