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About Silclear

Silclear was founded over 30 years ago by a chemist and a dairy industry expert

Silclear was founded over 30 years ago by chemist Steve Briggs and dairy industry expert Jackie Brenan. To our founders the use of silicone tubing and liners within the dairy industry was an obvious and much needed introduction. The company and our products have continued to go from strength to strength and, now under new management, we are extremely proud of the foundation on which our business was built.

First and foremost we are engineers. Specialising in the science and many benefits of silicone, we believe strongly in the quality of our raw materials, the technology we have invested in and manufacturing processes we have put in place.

Our values and discipline here at Silclear are very important to us. We make realistic commitments to our customers and then do all we can to exceed them. We believe that the underlying integrity with which we treat our customers, our suppliers and ourselves is what makes us leaders in our chosen sector.